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Top Destination Wedding Locations

By AirlineTicketCentre Posted August 7, 2019 In blog

Signifying a new beginning, weddings are the perfect opportunity to travel elsewhere with your partner and friends and family to explore the beauty of the world. With so many destinations and possibilities, it can seem as if the preparation is just a bit too much work. Wedding planning is never easy, but with our Calgary destination wedding service, choosing your destination should be.  


The most popular destination wedding country is Mexico, with the most frequently chosen city being Cancun. The white sand beaches and clear crystal waters of Cancun are a famed destination for anyone, especially for the picture-perfect wedding planners. Cancun resorts deliver a terrific bang for the buck, as even 5-star beachfront accommodations are within the reach of most groups. Should you wish to explore the other sides of Mexico while at your wedding, visiting Los Cabos is always a good idea. With perfect weather year round, and an array of resorts catering to North American tastes, one can escape while enjoying the amenities of home, whether in luxury or minimalist comfort. With so many resorts to choose from in Mexico, our destination wedding experts would love to choose with you. 


As one of the geographically most isolated spots on Earth, Hawaii is a nature lover’s paradise for the ideal destination wedding. The eight main Hawaiian Islands – Hawaii, Maui, Oahu, Kaho’olawe, Lanai and Ni’ihau boast almost every geographic formation, terrain and climate to be found. You’ll find highland rainforests on Kauai, the world’s tallest sea cliffs on Molokai and lava deserts on Big Island. Wedding resorts in Hawaii pamper the happy couple and guests to the heart’s desire. Relax at the beach all day while snorkelling, take surfing lessons, go on long hikes or luxuriate in world-class spas. Our destination wedding planners know that a wedding in Hawaii is your honeymoon with the right resort.

Dominican Republic

With 1,600 kilometers of golden coastline, we can see why the Dominican Republic is a popular location for destination weddings. Areas such as Punta Cana and Puerto Plata provide a various array of resorts to choose from that are both affordable and luxurious. Known for its miles of beaches and clear waters, Punta Cana is a destination fir for zip-lining, windsurfing, kayaking and sailing. Punta Cana resorts range from middle class to upscale, providing all the amenities should you and your guests seek them. Should you and your significant other wish to tour old colonial-era fortresses, then a resort in Puerto Plata is perfect for you. Colonial estates provide beach themes with high-class architecture, mixed in with the highest levels of service and luxury possible. 

Costa Rica 

From white, pink and black sand beaches to the rainforests famed for their biodiversity, Costa Rica provides a landscape for something a little more than just a beach wedding. Its coastlines give the scenery of crystal-clear waters, yet behind the coastline lies rain-forested areas home to spider monkeys and quetzal birds. A destination wedding in Costa Rica has to include all of the scenery. Resorts in Costa Rica offer such unforgettable offerings like fire dancing shows, Tortuga Island day trips and horseback rides on the beach. Costa Rica provides beautiful opportunities for your wedding and your adventure side, inquire for details with our Calgary destination wedding company to learn more.


The colonial and 1950s charm that pervades Cuba gives a sense of uniqueness to the average beach vacation. The destination wedding resorts on the island will make your event just that extra special and deliver you the best value for your money. Cuba is a magical country, with historic towns, vibrant architecture, idyllic beach escapes and bird-watching- a truly timeless beauty. Cuba vacation resorts offer perhaps the best value of all as 4-star and up bookings can be made for all the guests at what would otherwise be 3-star prices elsewhere. Experience the unforgettable atmosphere of Cuba, while saying “I do” in front of the ocean.


Mark Twain once said, “You go to heaven if you want – I’d rather stay here in Bermuda.” Made famous by its pink sand and perfect climate, Bermuda is a destination wedding spot whose beauty ranks above even heaven. Surrounded by gentle turquoise waters of the Sargasso Sea, Bermuda is a destination of urban influences, history buffs and art mixed with what we love most from tropical destinations. Luxury abounds at Bermuda resorts, and you guests can feel as pampered as royalty, should they so choose. Taking your vows in Bermuda is a sign that you treasure the unique road less traveled.


Comprised of more than 700 islands, there is a beachand a resort made for any wedding in the Bahamas. A maritime playground, the Bahamas host an array of historic towns, beaches with pink sand, reefs and forests for you to choose from. Resorts in the Bahamas can range from the ultra-exclusive, to Las Vegas-style mega-complexes with every amenity you can think of. Should you choose the relative hustle of Nassau or the seclusion of a small island resort, the Bahamas destination wedding leaves memories that will never fade. Get one step closer to soaking in the sun by contacting our destination wedding planners.


A groovy Carribean country, Jamaica is a place of reggae, baby-powder beaches, waterfalls, mountain peaks and upbeat nightlife. In Montego Bay and Negril, resorts are provided with the ideal backdrop of visionsand sounds for the happy couple and their guests. Jamaica can be played two very distinct ways- not for the faint of heart, or quiet and secluded, where families and grandparents could be more than comfortable attending. Contact our Calgary destination wedding experts for help choosing the Jamaican destination wedding resort that best suits your party.


In a list of places with amazing beaches, Barbados is the destination with perfect beaches. From an exotic outpost to a sugar colony, Barbados is rich with its unique history. Known for its pink sand beaches, Barbados is a hub of sea turtles and fried fish. Experience something a little different with your choice of Barbados resorts, as the available destinations run the gamut from intimate and tucked away, to old-world glamour that could have been the setting for a James Bond movie. Make sure to visit Bridgetown, a UNESCO World Heritage Site offering cultural buildings, shopping malls and street vendors paired with a sunset view. 

Every destination wedding resort is different – as are your interests when planning a wedding. No matter what they are, our Calgary destination wedding planning service is ready to give you the perfect day you have always dreamed of!