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Easy Booking Cheap Airline Tickets in Canada

Find the cheapest flights you can book in just a few clicks here at Airline Ticket Centre. Whether you are looking for a flight in Canada or a flight to Canada or a flight from Canada for adults, children, and including any infants, the website has the most straightforward booking and flight search system. Travelers get the cheapest and most competitive prices for flight tickets, hotel booking, Travel insurance, Vacations packages, and other activities when booking at

Who is Airline Ticket Centre?

Airline Ticket Centre is the go to travel agency for the Best Deals on each flight and notable for selling cheap airline tickets in Canada and all destinations worldwide. Whether you are looking for Discounts on Vacation Packages, or Discounts on First Class or Business Class travel, or just looking for best deal on travel from Canada our helpful agents will always find the best prices on Travel from Canada.

Booking tickets has never been this easy—thanks to the innovative flight search system. Our website will help travelers look for the lowest ticket prices for any destination and any airline in Canada and worldwide. Whether you are booking economy class, premium economy cabin, business or executive class, or first-class suite tickets—we have the best rates!

Airline Ticket Centre also provides travel tips, so that travellers can save money and make the most of their time in the destinations.

Booking tickets has never been this easy—thanks to the innovative flight search system. Our website will help travelers look for the lowest ticket prices for any destination and any airline in Canada and worldwide. Whether you are booking economy class, premium economy cabin, business or executive class, or first-class suite tickets—we have the best rates!

Airline Ticket Centre also provides travel tips, so that travellers can save money and make the most of their time in the destinations.

If you want to book your flight right now, you can call Airline Ticket Centre at (888) 289-6660 and talk to one of our fabulous agents.

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Why Should You Choose Airline Ticket Centre?

Aside from offering cheap flight tickets, the website also has an easy and intuitive booking system that allows all passengers to purchase tickets with absolute ease. Passengers can also pick some of the best destinations, including the nearby places with the most enjoyable activities and sites.

With the fast flight search system, it is elementary to input your travel dates and input the number of all passengers, including any infants under 2yrs old—and the flight search will do the rest. Plus, there aren’t any hidden fees. Unlike other travel agencies, the prices shown on the screen are accurate costs with no extra hidden charges. Baggage allowance will be displayed during flight selection; however, you can always pay for additional checked baggage.

If travelers want to travel spontaneously, they can find the best vacation packages for the cheapest price. The travel agency offers vacation packages to London, Frankfurt, Moscow, Manila, Lagos, Rome, and many more from Canada’s major airports. Airline Ticket Centre will help you find cheap flights to any of these destinations and more.

How Does Airline Ticket Centre Do What They Do Best?

If travelers want to travel spontaneously, they can find the best vacation packages for the cheapest price. The travel agency offers vacation packages to London, Frankfurt, Moscow, Manila, Lagos, Rome, and many more from Canada’s major airports and routes.

This travel center will work non-stop to provide the most affordable deals, find the best travel dates, and offer value added extra services to keep their customers happy.

The Airline Ticket Centre is a distribution partner for hundreds of different Airlines and tour operators in Canada and worldwide—bringing you the cheapest plane tickets and customized travel options that match the travel requirement of all passengers wishing to travel.

All of the efforts of the Airline Ticket Centre are to make sure that every traveler will get their money’s worth while travelling to the best destinations in the world on the best airlines in the world.

To learn more, just call Airline Ticket Centre at (888) 289-6660.

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What Airline Ticket Packages and Deals We Offer

Travel Destination Packages: Cheap Airline Tickets Canada

This flight center offers some of the best packages for travelers of all genres. We have access to some of the best dream destinations with all-inclusive packages. You could book one-way tickets out of Canada, but if you book an all-inclusive package, it would include roundtrip airfare, airport to hotel transfers, accommodations with all your meals drinks activities included and more.

Some of the Best flights to and from Canada include:

Nice from Montreal with Air Canada starting at $456.40 including tax, Rome from Toronto, Lagos from Calgary, Istanbul from Edmonton, Seoul from Vancouver, Beirut from Montreal, London from Toronto, Mexico City from Calgary, and many more.

All-Inclusive Vacation Packages

Aside from round-trip deals, passengers can also go on their dream vacations at a very affordable price with all-inclusive tour packages to major cities that include nearby sights. You can enjoy a short getaway 5-day vacation to Cayo Coco, Cuba, at Hotel Colonial Cayo Coco for a very low price. Some of the other packages are:

Transat Holiday Package

This package is a 7day trip to Varadero in Cuba. Travelers will get to stay at VILLAS JIBCOA and enjoy the tropical weather Golden Beaches and everlasting sunsets in Cuba. It is a week-long trip that can satisfy anyone’s need to get away from the city and take a rest from work. This trip will depart from Toronto Pearson International Airport on a beautiful airbus 321 that has extra wide seats in club class.

WestJet Vacations Package

Passengers can enjoy a 5day vacation to some of the best beaches in the world in Cancun, Mexico. They get to stay at the 4 star PANAMA JACK RESORT in the heart of PLAYA DEL CARMEN and get to experience tropical weather, good vibes, and other fun beach or pool activities. It is an all-inclusive trip that departs from Vancouver International Airport on a Boeing 737 Next Gen with greater seat pitch in Economy plus cabin.

Air Canada Vacations

You can also get this fantastic vacation package from Air Canada Vacations. Passengers from Calgary can travel to Puerto Vallarta in Mexico for a 7-day all-inclusive trip package. They get to stay at SAMBA VALLARTA 4 star, which is one of the best accommodations with many amenities and activities.

Air Canada Vacations is also offering cheap tickets to one of the best destinations in the entire world, Cabo San Lucas, “Los Cabos” Mexico. Many celebrities and famous icons travel to Cabo, and guess what—you can too! Enjoy this all-inclusive 7-day trip to Cabo, brought to you by Air Canada Vacations in partnership with Airline Ticket Centre at a very reasonable price. This package also books you accommodations at KRYSTAL GRAND LOS CABOS, and you can get it exclusively on the website or when you call the company’s phone lines.

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Destination Weddings

Airline Ticket Centre does not only offer the cheapest airline tickets in Canada, but people can also plan their dream destination weddings with one of our Destination wedding planners. The airfare and wedding coordinator prices are already included in these packages, so there is no need to worry about hidden charges. Many couples dream of getting married in a different country on a different continent like Europe, South America, or Asia that include nearby romantic wedding venues. The Airline Ticket Centre can help you plan your special day with your family, friends, and soon-to-be spouse.

Planning a wedding can be very daunting. Let us find the best all-inclusive wedding packages at very competitive prices for the dates that work. From working on individual requests within the group, to getting you in touch with your destination wedding planner, to guiding you through changes. We will work with you and your group to make sure you this will be a wedding to not miss. A destination Wedding is less stress and more fun for the whole group including the bride and groom. And getting married in an exotic country is a fantasy that can help turn into your reality.

Ticket prices from airlines direct can be pricey, especially for an entire wedding entourage. However, we have negotiated airfares and negotiated hotel rates which if you book your next flights and hotel through our travel agency, you can get the best deals for your entire group. We have a team of highly-experienced travel agents that can help you—making the Airline Ticket Centre your one-stop- travel shop for cheap flights! You don’t need to go anywhere else.

Why Should You Plan Your Wedding With Us?

The main reason people should plan their destination weddings through us is because of our expertise. Our Groups team have been planned hundreds of destination weddings for over 25 years. We are partnered with the best Tour operators to offer the best wedding locations. From fantastic resorts offering the best venues to escorted group adventures, our experience will guide you from best airline to choose and Hotels to consider for your group to help make your destination wedding the most memorable for everyone attending.

The Airline Ticket Centre will not only help you find cheap flights and accommodations, but we can also help you customize your wedding based on your preferences. The company can also organize the arrival and departures of all of your guests, as well as their accommodations—enabling you and your loved ones to relax and enjoy the vacation.

How We Plan Your Destination Wedding

You can double your savings if you book a destination wedding with us. With our incredible rates and seamless planning, you can save money, and you can also save a lot of time! After we finalize all of the essential details, such as the guest list, accommodations, flights, and everything else, our agents will handle everything from the time you book your package until your departure date. We will even review details from your destination wedding planner with you. There is no need to call any of your guests to confirm extra requests because our team of travel agents is trained to do all of these tedious details for you!

Our company works with some of the biggest tour suppliers and providers, which is why we can get the best locations, accommodations, the best flights, and destinations at the lowest price possible!

To book your destination wedding now, call us at (403) 289-6656.

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Group Travel

Aside from destination weddings, our travel agency also offers great deals on group travel with low to average prices. Many groups frequently travel and buy tickets separately. However, travelers can get the best value if they book their flights through travel agencies to give them special deals. Our Travel Firm goes one step further, and has for some markets negotiated with airlines to offer rates and prices that are exclusive to Airline Ticket Centre customers.

Whether you are travelling as a group with family or friends, or your company, sports team , or even a church group we have the best deals for planning a multi-city tour, travel domestic, or travel internationally. We can save you $$ and time not to mention the frustration of coordinating it all.. just book your plane tickets with us.

Why Book Group Travel?

Booking travel tickets for an entire group separately is not ideal if you want the group to be seated together in the same plane, manage the date and time of the flight, and make sure they land at the same airport. Many problems can occur if a group of people do not book group packages at the same time. Plus, if you book group travel through us, our agents can take care of the challenging tasks. And we can help with the finer details such as extra luggage for sporting groups or church groups travelling on missions with donations.

Our travel agents will make sure that the group departs simultaneously, place, and date. We will also make sure that the group will sit together on the plane and ensure that the group will arrive at the same destination and book the same hotel. We are doing this to allow the group to relax and make the best out of their stress-free trip!

Types of Groups The Company Deals With

Our company can handle any type of group. Whether it is a field trip, people travelling on business, a sports team, a religious group, a marching band, a wedding entourage, and more. You name it! Whether it is for 10 Friends going fishing, or a company event of upto a 1000 people we have the resources and tools to help manage Travel and optimize pricing.


If you are planning a destination wedding, our team can handle all the heavy lifting, from organizing flights and rooms and taking care of the accommodations and venue on the other end. We can also coordinate through multiple suppliers with your wedding guests to coordinate departures just in case one supplier is not able to cover the entire group. We are here so there is not too much stress on your part. See Destination Weddings

Church Group

We have been in a business for over 28 years and have the expertise to multiple group types including church groups. Plus, we have all the information for destinations all over the world, whether you want to visit the best churches in the Holy Land, in Europe, and more or go on a mission in West Africa or Central and South America, or just attend a congregational event in North America.

School Group

Our expertise in group travel also involves educational travel. We can coordinate with tour suppliers and different universities, libraries, and other educational destinations worldwide, giving the students the most educational and fun experience in and out of Canada. Our team also makes sure that the itinerary has restrictions and go to kid-friendly destinations, depending on the age group.

Sports Teams

Sports teams, depending on the type of sport may require special baggage allowances. When searching for group tickets, the price shown will include the excess baggage fees if requested to make it easy to allot a fixed budget. If a sports manager tries to book a large group of people, they will have to coordinate with employees of airlines about the excess baggage, sizes, and fees. If you book a small or large sports team with us, we can give you the best deals for all the passengers, as well as their baggage requirements at the best rates possible. Also, Tournament style could see your team stay longer to pick up a trophy…we are here to help with in destination changes such as flight date extensions or player callups.

Specialty Groups

Specialty groups such as an orchestra, a marching band, an Olympic team, and more often travel in large groups. Our group of specialized professionals will know what to do to make their booking of flights stress-free. All they need to do is pack their equipment and enjoy the journey! Let us get you to your competition whether its just a province or state over, or around the globe.

Corporate Travel Groups

Suppose your company is planning a corporate retreat or plan to go to a seminar and convention in and out of Canada. In that case, it can be very stressful and tiring to book people from different points of departure. However, our travel agency also specializes in corporate travel—meaning you don’t need to worry about employees from various destinations and booking tickets for remote employees. We can handle all that for you at the best rates you cannot say no to! We will let you know when its time to charter a plane, or just to make you make it to a CANT MISS EVENT.

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Useful Travel Tips

Booking your tickets through a travel agency to make sure you get the best rates. If you buy tickets directly from the airlines, you might end up spending more unless they have a sale—which is not very often. When you book your tickets from airline ticket booking travel agencies in Canada, the seats are usually pre-sold, which means they can sell them to passengers at a low rate. Also, you are helping another business and not only the airlines when you book cheap airline tickets. We have over 25 years of travel experience to make sure that you get the best value for your travel plans.

Travel light, especially if you are going to a destination that include nearby shopping stops. You might want to save some space for the items you will bring home—especially if you don’t want to spend money on excess baggage fees. If you book cheap airline tickets, you may also get free baggage check-in deals for domestic and international destinations. If you are not sure, check with one of our helpful agents and we will let you know.

Read about the destination to know what exactly to pack. If the destination is very cold during the winter, pack some jackets. On the other hand, if you are going to a place that experiences tropical and humid weather, people should bring suitable clothes for hot weather conditions.

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