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Travel Deals from Toronto Pearson International (YYZ)

Travelling is one of the best ways to spend vacation time. It is a way of resetting and rebooting after all the hard work in the last few weeks or, in some cases, the previous year. Or perhaps your job may require you to travel to meet with clients and suppliers or to have an meeting in another city. Our mandate is the find you the best airline to get you from Point A to B and help you with all of the travel related in between. To help navigate no matter what borders you need to cross, book you hotels centrally to give you a base to work from…and help with all the travel related items whether for business or leisure.

Our job here at Airline Ticket Centre is to connect passengers with almost every airline to make their way into their destination of choice. Our travel agency will not only help travellers get on flights at a great price, but we can also make sure that passengers get the best value on accommodations, car rentals, cruises, and tours for the duration of their holiday—genuinely making Airline Ticket Centre every passenger’s one-stop-shop for their travelling needs!

Passengers from Canada and all over the world can book their flights using Airline Ticket Centre’s sophisticated flight search and booking system. If you live in Toronto or elsewhere in Canada and plan to stay in the city for a few days, is home for the best flight deals from or via YYZ Toronto Pearson International Airport.

Look no further and book your next flight from YYZ at the cheapest rates with Airline Ticket Centre, a travel agency with decades of experience providing the best flight deals from Toronto, Calgary, Vancouver, and the rest of Canada to all over the world.

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Our customer service team is passionate about travel and providing our customers with the best service and value. Whether it is your first time flying with us or not, we give every passenger exemplary service and affordable travel prices—and we can assure you that it won’t be your last.

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Cheap Flights from Toronto (YYZ) to Anywhere in the World

YYZ Toronto Pearson International Airport is the busiest airport in Canada and one of the busiest Airports in the world. From Canada, YYZ Toronto Pearson Intl Airport has the most options and many of the best routes to get you to your final destination no matter where it is in the world. The Airport itself is modern, with tons of lounges, food and beverage selections, and other areas to spend the time with your family while waiting to board your next flight.

Besides the world-class amenities, Pearson International is also a busy hub and host for the best airlines in the world. Airline Ticket Centre works very closely with all of the airlines and providers that operate in this fantastic airport—meaning you can rely on us to get you the best deals on flights flying from YYZ and any other airport in Canada or around the globe.

Here are some of our best YYZ deals from Toronto to some of the most fabulous destinations in the world in 2021.

Frankfurt from Toronto

Experience the best sights, architecture, history, and more by visiting Frankfurt, Germany. You can get this deal right now for as low as CAD $508.00CAD, including taxes. It is a nonstop flight to Frankfurt from YYZ Toronto Pearson International, and the flight duration is usually around 7 hours. You can choose between different carriers, such as Air Canada, Lufthansa German Airlines, Air Transat, British Airways, Condor, Delta Airlines, KLM Air France, United Airlines Westjet and many more.

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Lagos from Toronto

For as low as $907.00CAD including taxes, you can fly from Toronto to the famous city of Lagos, Nigeria. Find yourself in a place rich in culture and heritage for a very low price. We can assure you that you will not find a better price that includes taxes with some of the best airline carriers anywhere else.

Besides these two cities, you can fly from Toronto to almost any destination in Europe, Asia, the Americas, and Australia. The best thing about booking your flight from Toronto through Airline Ticket Centre is not only because of the low prices, but also the availability of flights to these wonderful destinations. We always want to provide passengers with the chance to see the world, relax with their family, or do business wherever it needs to happen.

Other destinations from Toronto YYZ Pearson International Airport
Aside from international flights, Airline Ticket Centre also offers some of the best deals from YYZ to domestic destinations. You can fly across Canada from Toronto to Calgary, Vancouver, Kelowna, Halifax, St Johns, Montreal, and more.

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Other destinations from Toronto YYZ Pearson International Airport

Aside from international flights, Airline Ticket Centre also offers some of the best deals from YYZ to domestic destinations. You can fly across Canada from Toronto to Calgary, Vancouver, Kelowna, Halifax, St Johns, Montreal, and more.

For more information about all our flights and the best YYZ deals Toronto, you can call us and speak to our passionate team of travel agents and customer service representatives at (888) 289-6660, or send an email to

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Who is Airline Ticket Centre?

Airline Ticket Centre is a travel agency with 25 years of experience under its belt. The Airline Ticket Centre has won numerous awards for being the best travel agency by offering the best prices, the most uncomplicated booking process, maximum availability of flights. Still, most of all, the best service it can give to its customers.

Every single one of our employees and associates is trained with the knowledge of our system and gifted with the same compassion we want to give when serving our customers.

Aside from the best service possible, we also offer different products, such as hotel deals, car rentals, destination wedding packages, group travel, and more. We also offer the best prices for booking economy cabins, premium economy cabins, business-class cabins, and first-class tickets with lounge privileges in Toronto Pearson International Airports and most major airports in Canada and the world.

Why Choose Us?

In addition to our 25 years of bespoke travel service, we also received awards for our numerous accolades in serving the public with the best deals and services. Our designation with the IATA or International Air Transport Association is closely monitored annually for consumer and airline protection.

ATC continuously tops sales with all major airlines, which is why we get to leverage our relationships for capturing the best and most effective prices that we can offer to all of our clients. We also make sure that every payment and business that you make with our airlines is legitimate. We comply and conform to all the government privacy requirements, metal PCC compliance when handling customer information—so you can pay and input information without worrying if your information and identity are secure.

In addition to complying with all the technicalities, we also make booking flights from Toronto, Calgary, Vancouver, anywhere in the world easy by improving and updating our flight search system on a regular basis. Our website allows passengers to search, book, and pay for flights securely in just a few clicks.

How does ATC Find the Best YYZ Deals for International and Domestic Flights?

As stated before, the Airline Ticket Centre is partnered and has an outstanding relationship with hundreds of different airline carriers, hotels, and other services in Canada and all over the world, meaning that our prices are hard to beat, which we offer to every customer. There are only a few seats at the lowest price points, but ATC makes sure that there are always deals available for you all year round.

If you are looking to travel with your family, children, infants, friends, or colleagues anytime soon—don’t forget to book your tickets at Airline Ticket Centre for a more secure and easier booking without any worries!

Give us a call at (800) 289-6660 or drop an email to one of our travel professionals at to learn more.

Safety Measures for Airlines Flying from Toronto Pearson International Airport (YYZ)

  • Mandatory Masks
  • Enhanced Sanitation
  • Pre-Flight Covid-19 Testing Within 72 Hours Before Flights
  • Socially-Distanced Seating
  • Flexible Flight Cancellations

(YYZ) Toronto Pearson International Airport Information

You can access the airport from the city of Toronto by the UP train, taxi, or private transportation. There are parking services as well as valet services for both long-term and short-term stays. If you happen to be early, you can explore Pearson International and go to the many bars and restaurants. Passengers can also do a little bit of shopping if they want to pack something for your trip. There are also places such as public art exhibits, so you can pass the time without spending a loonie!

How to Find the Cheapest Flights from Toronto

It is an excellent practice to be wise with your spending—especially when flying. Because ATC is all about saving $$$, we are keen to offer the lowest travel prices and some helpful travel tips that will help make your holiday vacation experience the best it can be. Our booking system is widely known for finding the best airfares on the web! Here are a couple of valuable tips for saving money when travelling to any destination. (We believe in saving you $$$ so that you have even more to spend to make your travel experience more memorable)

  • Check the flight routing and be flexible. Direct flights to your destination are typically more affordable. However, it is always nice to get a stopover in a different country, which will allow you time to explore the terminal. It also another country or city to add to the list of where you have been! Also, the journey is just as significant as the destination itself, so consider booking a flight with a stopover to save you a few loonies!
  • Make sure you book your flight at least three months before the date of your departure to get the best prices. If you are planning to travel between the busier periods like Easter and Christmas, you want to book as early as possible for the best travel deals. Generally, finding flights from Airline Ticket Centre will automatically save you $$$ by offering the best deals!
  • Avoid last-minute booking flights. However, there are some instances where you can avoid it. Fortunately, we can access unpublished fares, which get you cheaper airfares than booking with the airline direct.
  • Some low-cost airlines do not offer flexible seating and inclusive checked bags. The best work-around. Is to check-in early at the airport to complete an online web check-in to take advantage of any complimentary seating. For food, Pearson International has many food choices with reasonable prices.
  • Travelling light will always save you both money and time. If it cannot be avoided, you can save money by prepaying any extra checked baggage during the online web check-in process. It may give better discounts instead of paying upon check-in at the airport.
  • Less desirable flight times or days will typically cost less. You can save money by choosing evening or midnight flights. Our web booking system will let you see the prices in the order of fare prices and timing. And it will also allow you to find the cheapest fares when flying from YYZ to any destination in the world.

Purchase your tickets and book hotels through travel agencies like Airline Ticket Centre to get the lowest rates. Call ATC at (403) 289-6656 for more info.

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