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Palm Springs

from Edmonton 

starting at





from Calgary

starting at





from Vancouver

starting at





from Toronto

starting at



from Calgary

starting at $1268 nonstop (KLM)

from Toronto

starting at $1184 nonstop (Air Canada)

from Vancouver

starting at $1121 (Air France)

from Edmonton

starting at $938 (Air Canada)

from Montreal

starting at $1135 nonstop (Air Canada)

Los Angeles
from Edmonton

starting at $459 nonstop (WestJet)


from Calgary

starting at $320


from Vancouver

starting at $270


from Toronto

starting at $516


from Montreal

starting at $431


from Edmonton

starting at $725


from Vancouver

starting at $1498

Vacations Package Deals

|1571721406-5dae90be878fe-08421ENSYCADSWGSunwing VacationsFOSIRVAFORFAIT5ULCUSWOCUULSWOCUN2685.00440.001125.002250.00N685.00YWG519YUL201911280600CUN201911281045O0YWG556CUN201912031540YUL201912031950I0YUL2424ROOMDDOUBLE OCCUPANCYAI201911285L424273483CUNRPUHTAN2063.80
vacation packages by sunwing

5 Days vacation package to Cancun, Mexico At RIU LUPITA
From: Montreal Pierre Trudeau
ALL INCLUSIVE , 28-Nov-2019

|1571721052-5dae8f5c76c52-08423ENSNCADVACAir Canada VacationsFOSIRVA_YVRFORFAIT7AC1578SAC1765FSNU2580.00419.00999.001998.00N580.00YAC1578YEG201911180010SNU201911181445O0YAC1765SNU201911251555YEG201911252315I0YEGSNU87SJR-GARDDDOUBLE OCCUPANCYAI201911187L48709210454SNUGOLJSGVG7113.64
vacation packages by air

7 Days vacation package to At BE LIVE COLLECTION CAYO SANTA MARIA
From: Edmonton Intl
ALL INCLUSIVE , 18-Nov-2019

|1571720608-5dae8da086fa0-08451ENSNCADSWGSunwing VacationsFOSIRVA_ONTFORFAIT7YZRISWPRIYZSWPRIH2615.00360.00975.001950.00N615.00YWG782YYZ201911291420RIH201911291950O0YWG783RIH201912062045YYZ201912070159I0YYZ226226SUPDDOUBLE OCCUPANCYAI201911297L42260231718PTYPLBSUAN1323.44
vacation packages by sunwing

7 Days vacation package to At PLAYA BLANCA BEACH RESORT
From: Toronto Pearson Intl
ALL INCLUSIVE , 29-Nov-2019

|1571718480-5dae855072e61-26591ENSNCADVACAir Canada VacationsFOSIRVA_YVRFORFAIT7AC316 SAC1747FVRA2555.00414.00969.001938.00N555.00YAC316YYC201912050635VRA201912052000O0YAC1747VRA201912122100YYC201912131010I0YYCVRA15SUPERSAVERDDOUBLE OCCUPANCYAI201912057L3.515792598VRABLVSAVEG7633.15
vacation packages by air

7 Days vacation package to Varadero, Cuba At BE LIVE EXPERIENCE VARADERO
From: Calgary Intl
ALL INCLUSIVE , 05-Dec-2019

|1571720633-5dae8db9d1212-01645ENSNCADVACAir Canada VacationsFOSIRVA_YVRFORFAIT7AC978 AAC979 LSJD2629.00496.001125.002250.00N629.00YAC978YVR201911260920SJD201911261445O0YAC979SJD201912031545YVR201912031920I0YVRSJD77GARDDDOUBLE OCCUPANCYAI201911267L4770541113SJDHOLGARDG1803.46
vacation packages by air

7 Days vacation package to Cabo San Lucas, 'Los Cabos', Mexico At HOLIDAY INN RESORT LOS CABOS ALL INCLUSIVE
From: Vancouver Intl
ALL INCLUSIVE , 26-Nov-2019

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