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Booking Cheap Flights from Toronto to Manila, Philippines

Travellers who are looking for something fun and adventurous to do this season might want to spend their time exploring a different city. In the heart of South East Asia, there is a mystical country full of adventures, beautiful resorts on sandy beaches, and historical significance. Being colonized by Spain from the 1500s up to World War 2 in 1944, Manila is noted for old Spanish architecture. And it boasts over 20 million people in the city and surrounding towns.

Why Travel to Manila?

Manila is a city that is rich in culture, full of diversity and has access to some of the best hotels and shopping in the world. On top of being one of the most inexpensive countries globally, its most incredible draw is the amazingly friendly citizens. English is widely spoken, and Manilla being the capital, gives you access to the over 7000 islands for that beautiful beach escape.

Many travellers from North America have yet to visit countries in Asia, including Philippines and its capital Manila, which is 16 hours away from Toronto. Many people are worried about airfare prices for such long flights, but travel to the Philippines is a pretty inexpensive flight comparatively. Long-running and experienced travel agencies such as Airline Ticket Centre can get the best deals on flights and the most competitive prices on flight tickets, hotel bookings, island-hopping adventures and more activities.

Booking Cheap Flights from Toronto to Manila

Passengers looking for cheap flights from Toronto to Manila can look no further because the Airline Ticket Centre has the best rates guaranteed. Our experienced and knowledgeable agents work nonstop to find the best deals for any passenger, whether travelling alone or travelling with friends or travelling with children and the entire family!

Why Choose Airline Ticket Centre for Booking Cheap Flights to Manila?

The Airline Ticket Centre has helped thousands of customers experience a worry-free holiday. The Airline Ticket Centre is an IATA licensed and well-trusted travel agency with over 25 years of operations in Good standing with the Airlines and all regulatory boards—every passenger’s one-stop-shop for booking the cheapest flights from Canada to anywhere in the world, including cheap flight tickets from Toronto to Manila.

Why Trust Airline Ticket Centre?

Again our 25years of bespoke travel service, we have been awarded numerous accolades? Our INTERNATIONAL AIR TRANSPORT ASSOCIATION designation is closely monitored for consumer and airline protection annually. We are continuously in top sales with all Major Airlines and leverage our relationships to capture the most effective pricing for our customers rather than a higher remuneration. We conform to all government privacy requirements and have met all PCC compliance to handle customers’ personal information. Aside from its secure payment options and secured information protection, Airline Ticket Centre also makes booking a passenger’s flight very easy. In just a few clicks, travellers can quickly find the flights, enter information, checkout, and confirm their booking!

ATC has an Innovative Flight Search System

If a passenger is looking for a Toronto to Manila Flights, all it takes is just one search, and hundreds of search results will appear in a matter of seconds—thanks to the ATC’s innovative flight search system. It quickly displays the many flight options and fares offered by all of the world’s best airlines at the best fares.

ATC Goes the Extra Mile in Helping Passengers

Helping passengers find the best deals on flight tickets is only the tip of the iceberg in terms of ATC’s service. The company will also provide travel tips to advise on travel requirements/documentation depending on where the passenger wants to go. Plus, Airline Ticket Centre also offers cheap deals on hotels, escorted tours, destination wedding planning, group travel, sports team travel, and more for any destination imaginable.

We share cost-saving measures that will help passengers save money—allowing them to make the most out of their budget at their dream destination.

Whether you are looking to book tickets in an economy cabin, premium economy cabin, or on a business class lie-flat pod or a first-class suite, you can trust us to have the best travel rates on the web

For more information about Airline Ticket Centre services and rates, travellers can book online at, call us at (888) 289-6660, or send an email to

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Direct Flights to Manila, Philippines from Toronto

The fastest way to get to any destination is by getting on a direct flight. Passengers looking for direct flights when flying from Toronto Pearson International to Manila can fly nonstop on Philippine Airlines (PAL). Direct flights to Manila depart four times a week. The average duration of a nonstop flight from Pearson International Airport to Ninoy Aquino Intl. is 16 hours and 20 minutes—with a travel distance of 13,240 kilometres.

The cheapest roundtrip flights to Manila have been seen as low $640.00CAD, including tax; however, fares typically in the low season run approximately $920CAD, including tax. You can find the best deals all year round using the Airline Ticket Centre Flight Search Tool. Although direct flights are more desirable, frequently, they are more expensive than flights with connecting routes.

Passengers flying from Toronto Pearson International or other nearby airports will arrive at the only airport in Manilla, which is Ninoy Aquino International Airport located in the city.

Which Airlines Fly to Manila? (Connecting Flights from Toronto to Manila)

Interested in knowing other airlines that travel to Manila from Toronto, here is a list of airlines that have connecting flights to Manila. Taking a connecting flight with one or two stops will likely add more travel time. However, some people prefer connecting flights as it allows them to visit more places and gives them more cities to sample in their itinerary
—even if it is just a quick transfer in Airport hub and swift terminal change.

  • Air Canada
  • Air China
  • Asiana Airlines
  • China International Airlines
  • WestJet
  • China Southern Airlines
  • Cathay Pacific
  • EVA Air
  • Qatar Airways
  • Emirates Airlines
  • Korean Air (KE)
  • All Nippon Airways (ANA)
  • United Airlines
  • Delta Airlines
  • Japan Airlines (JAL)
  • Turkish airways
  • Philippine Airlines
  • Singapore Airlines

Plan with enough layover time at your stopover point to get a feel for this hub destination, and you may plan to return for a fully escorted tour of the entire country on one of your upcoming trips. Of course, if not staying the night, you really need to make sure that you have at least 2 hours to get through immigration and check-in for their connecting flight. Passengers also need to make sure they have the legal documents and requirements to pass through immigration in all countries they will visit or transfer through along the entire journey.

Fortunately, Airline Ticket Centre will provide every passenger with the list of Visa requirements for any country they want to visit, or we will direct you to the best resource for this information. If you are unsure about the specific requirements for entering a particular country, do not hesitate to ask one of our travel agents or customer service specialists for any questions about the Visa Entry requirements.

Some flights and layover options will allow you to transit via Hong Kong, Japan, Korea, Taiwan, and more. If you have enough time, you can go through immigration at the airport and walk around the outside of the airport, including nearby areas and have a bite to eat and to sample the local cuisine—given you have met the passport and entry requirements to enter the country.

Thinking about flying? You can book 24/7 at or call Airline Ticket Centre and speak to a representative for a detailed explanation for Visa requirements and other queries by calling (888) 289-6660. Alternatively, you can also send an email to

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Booking a Toronto to Manila Flights

When booking a flight to Manila from Toronto, it is essential to check all your flight details, including the stopover airport hub, layover time, Visa requirements, airport rules, departing time, returning date, and information about travelling with children and infants. Without the assistance of one of our reliable travel agents or our reliable online booking porthole, people typically end up booking a restrictive ticket that may not suit their needs. Use our helpful online booking tool or speak to one of our experienced travel agents to avoid trouble on your travels.

Booking a flight is such a breeze here at Airline Ticket Centre. The website is easy to navigate, and you can search book a flight in under 20 minutes. If you are booking a flight for more than one passenger, you can book all passengers, including any infants and children, at the same time. Booking at the same time ensures all passengers end up on the same plane and flight details at the lowest available fare. Fortunately, ATC’s booking system is very intuitive and easy to book on.

Cheap Flights from Toronto to Manila Ninoy Aquino Intl Airport

A simple search using the Airline Ticket Centre website and flight search tool will give travellers a ton of results because ATC is partnered with all of the worlds major airlines. These airlines and their Alliances circle the globe as well as fly from all major airports across Canada making finding domestic and international flights with the cheapest price offerings easy. Here are some Airlines and their routings from Toronto Pearson International (YYZ) to Ninoy Aquino International (MNL) in Manila that should yield cheap flights and cheap fares:

  • Air Canada Flight from YYZ to MNL with one stopover in HKG
  • Qatar Airways Flight from YYZ to MNL with one stopover in DOH
  • Philippine Airlines Flight direct from YYZ to MNL nonstop
  • West Jet flight from YYZ to MNL with one stopover in YVR
    Japan Airlines (JAL) flight from YYZ to MNL with two stops in YVR and NRT
  • Korean Airlines (KE) flight from YYZ to MNL stopping over in YVR and ICN airport
  • All Nippon Airways (ANA) flight from YYZ to MNL with two stops; one in ORD and one in ICN international airport
  • Delta Airlines flight from YYZ to MNL with two stops; one in DTW and the other stopover is in ICN International Airport
  • EVA Air Flight from Toronto to Manila with one stopover in TPE

These flights are some of the ones that will show up after a simple search on the Airline Ticket Centre website. There are more flights with more flexible rates, depending on when you book and your travel availability. Some prices may be restrictive…especially for some low-cost airlines, but most airlines include 2 checked bags from Canada to the Philippines. All of the major airlines will show the exact price, including tax and meals, and will show the baggage allowance.

The prices will also vary depending on the ticket class and seat. Due to Covid 19, some airlines practice social distancing onboard by blocking middle seats in the cabin—these measures will ultimately affect the prices for economy class or premium economy, but help provide a safer travel mode. Of course, in trying to avoid covid most passengers travel in business class or first-class which is already quite spacious and comfortable and priced well. Rest assured that you can get the lowest one-way and roundtrip prices through Airline Ticket Centre for all flights from Toronto to Manila or all major airports in Canada. We also have great deals on ticket airfares from the Manila, Philippines to Toronto.

When is the Best Time to Go to Manila?

The best time to go to Manila in terms of the best weather is from February to April. The Philippines is a tropical country, and it experiences monsoon rains from May to December. The lowest ticket fare is typically found during the rainy seasons, but no matter when you travel they say it’s the friendliness of the locals which will make your trip the best. Depending on your purpose for visiting or in which season you are travelling, the Philippines has many different options to keep travellers happy.

How to Find the Cheapest Flights to Manila from Toronto

These days consumers are doing their best to become extra wise with their purchases, and it is a good practice—especially when flying. Because ATC cares about saving $$$, we offer the lowest ticket prices as well as valuable tips and suggestions for flight routings that will help make your travel experience the best it can be. Our booking system is noted for finding the best airfares on the web! Here are a couple of tips for saving money when travelling to Manila. (We believe in saving you $$$ so that you have even more to use when on your travels!?).

  • Check the routing and be flexible. Direct flights from Toronto to Manila are quite often the most convenient flights and it can also be the cheapest way to get to Manila from Canada. If you choose a day of the week which is not as busy to travel you can find some special prices, even on direct flights. If you really want to save money on airfare be sure to compare the routes that are being offered. Quite often travelling via Toronto International Airport will be the cheapest and has the most options.
  • Booking at least three months before the date of departure is an excellent way to get the best deals in the low season. For busier travel periods like Easter and Christmas, you want to book as early as possible for the best travel deals. If you wish to travel and whenever you want to travel the Airline Ticket Centre will work to get cheaper than average flights.
  • Last-minute flights usually cost more; however, if this cannot be avoided, the Airline Ticket Centre has access to unpublished fares which get you cheaper fares than booking with the airline direct.
  • Philippine Airlines will fly direct nonstop from Toronto to Manilla. This may not be the lowest fare. However, offering the cheapest and fastest direct flights still may be the best value as you save time and do not incur incidental costs than if you booked a flight with stopovers.
  • Be sure to correctly identify each passenger’s ages, including seniors, children (2-11Years old) and infants (under 2 years old), to ensure that you take advantage of any travel discounts. Manila Ninoy Aquino Intl Airport is kid-friendly. People travelling with their kids, students, and infants will be able to utilize the airport’s kid zone with access to books, movies, and toys.
  • In some cases, especially with low-cost airlines, seating and meals may not be included in your flight deal. Check in early at the airport or complete an online web check-in as early as possible to take advantage of any complimentary seating. For food, Pearson International has many food choices with reasonable prices compared to the other 3 major airports in Canada that you can easily purchase and take with you onboard your flight.
  • Prepaying any extra checked baggage during the online web check-in process may give discounts instead of paying upon check-in at the airport. If you need to store your luggage at the airport, most airports, including Manila Ninoy Aquino International Airport, have a luggage store desk that allows travellers to store luggage. This is especially handy if you want to take a quick holiday within a holiday and do not want to cart your luggage everywhere.
  • Less desirable flight times or days tend to offer the best fares. You can also save money by choosing evening or midnight flights. Our web booking system will let you see the prices in the order of fare prices and timing. And our flight booking system will also allow you to find the cheapest fares when flying from YYZ to Manila or for any other flights.
  • Being prepared without overpacking will ensure that you keep your baggage fees lower. Also, it will make a difference when taking transfer services such as UBER, where luggage space may require bigger vehicles if you have extra luggage. Always read about your destination to pack what you need, instead of spending money to buy the suitable clothing and accessories you need in the destination itself.
  • Purchase your tickets and book hotels through our travel agency. The Airline Ticket Centre will always the best place to go to get the lowest rates. Call ATC at (888) 289-6660 for more info.

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Visa Requirements to Enter Manila

Travellers with a Canadian passport can visit Manila without obtaining an entry Visa in advance of arrival. Passengers might need to show their return ticket with returning date when going through customs or at the moment they check in their flight in Toronto.

What to Expect: Things You Should Know Before Travelling to Manila

  • Manila time is 12 hours ahead of Toronto. Be sure to review your travel itinerary to ensure you have identified the correct times. It is good to know this information so that you can let your clients or family members back home the best time to contact them during their trip.
  • The current currency exchange rate as of March 2021 is 1 CAD = 38.61 PHP.
  • If you are going to be in the destination for more than 2 weeks, it may be a good idea to get a local sim card for your mobile phone. If you don’t have an international roaming plan you can get a free sim card at Manila International Airport, but make sure you have a phone with no network restrictions.
  • Download the “Grab” app for transportation around the city. This is similar to the more commonly known UBER rideshare program. Public transportation can be very confusing at first, so make sure you download Manila’s Taxi-Hailing app.
    The best time to visit Manila is from November to April, which is their dry season.
  • Most Filipinos know how to speak English which for most eliminates the need for a translation app, especially in major cities within Metro Manila.

Hotels Near Manila Ninoy Aquino

There are tons of hotels near Manila Ninoy Aquino International Airport, and passengers can choose between different 3 to 5-star hotels, such as:

  • The Marriot Hotel
  • Rosen Shingle Creek
  • Treasure Island Hotel and Casino
  • Holiday Inn Express Manila
  • Hilton Manila
    Belmont Hotel Manila
  • Savoy Hotel Manila
  • Okada Hotel and Casino
  • Solaire Hotel and Casino
  • Resorts World Manila
  • Sheraton Manila Hotel

What to do in Manila?

Casino Hopping

There are many hotel casinos near the airport, allowing you to have a good time the moment you step foot in the city. Some hotels and casinos are very luxurious which can amount to a pleasant stay!


Passengers who love going to clubs or Discotheques will have a blast in some of the best clubs in Metro Manila, particularly in the area of Bonifacio Global City.

Business Meetings

Some passengers come to Manila for business meetings. There are many shared office spaces where business meetings can be held, particularly in Makati City, Manila’s business district and the world trade market.

Visit Historical Landmarks

One of the best activities to do in Manila is to visit historical landmarks dating back to World War 2 and the Spanish Colonial Period in the 1500s.

What Dishes Should I Try When I Eat in Manila?

Perhaps visiting a new country is never complete if the traveller does not try any local food. Some of the best dishes include lumpia, adobo, menudo, afritada, caldereta, sinigang, seafood, and many more!

Domestic Flights within the Philippines

Manila may be the Philippine Capital, but it isn’t the only tourist destination. In fact, the Philippines is known for the most beautiful beaches in the world. Passengers who want to relax by the beach and enjoy a cocktail or two can book flights outside Manila to reach the beautiful beaches of Palawan, Boracay, and Siargao.

Travellers can also go to other destinations within the mainland, but the true adventure lies within the islands. Passengers can choose to book between the two major domestic air couriers in the Philippines; Philippine Airlines (PAL EXPRESS) or Cebu Pacific.

What to do outside Manila?

Island Hopping
The Philippines is comprised of 7,107 islands. It is an archipelago that is home to some of the most exotic lands that will definitely entice any adventurous tourist. Travellers will enjoy island hopping to enjoy some of the best beaches they cannot find anywhere else.

Experience Different Cultures
The Philippines has over 200 different dialects, and every province has its own culture. Travellers can go around the country and compare food and other characteristics of their culture.

Covid-19 Regulations in Manila Ninoy Aquino Intl: Safety Measures

Most Airlines that have operations in Manila Ninoy Aquino International Airport, such as Etihad, Delta, Japan Airlines, Cebu Pacific, and Philippine Airlines, have extra safety measures due to the Covid 19 pandemic. Long journeys from Toronto to Manila will need enhanced in-depth cleaning of the plane. Plus, wearing a facemask and conducting Covid 19 tests are required for most passengers with a quarantine period of 14 days until the test results come out negative; travellers will need to isolate in a hotel room. Some airlines also have socially distanced seating arrangements for added safety. If you have any symptoms, make sure you refrain from travelling.


What are the cheapest ticket prices when travelling to Manila from Toronto?

The cheapest ticket prices are as low as $640CAD, including tax for a back-and-forth roundtrip ticket to Manila from Toronto.

Which airlines offer the cheapest flight tickets from Toronto to Manila?

Philippine Airlines, EVA Airlines, Air Canada, Cathay Pacific, Air China and Qatar Airlines usually offer the most affordable flights to Manila coming from Toronto.

How long is the flight from Toronto to Manila?

The average duration of a nonstop flight from Toronto to Manila is 16 hours and 25 minutes.

How is the weather in Manila compared to Toronto weather?

How is the weather in Manila compared to Toronto weather?

Where do airlines usually stopover when flying to Manila from Toronto?

Connecting flights to Manila usually stop at Korea, Japan, Hong Kong, Taiwan, and more.

Which Airlines fly nonstop to Manila Ninoy Aquino from Toronto Pearson International Airport?

Philippine Airlines is the only airline that can fly directly to the Philippines for now.

What is the best route when flying to Manila from Canada?

Boarding a flight from Toronto to Manila route is one of the cheapest routes, compared to buying tickets that depart from the other major airports in Canada.

How frequent are direct flights to Manila from Toronto?

There are at least 4 direct flights from Toronto to Manila per week.

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