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Destination Weddings

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You have dreamed of a fantasy wedding in an exotic location ever since youand your partner met. You have consumed everything you could find about the perfect, all-inclusive destination wedding from magazines, TV showsand online sources. Don’t let the daunting task of planning your perfect day get in the way of creating eternal memories. Let our experienced travel agents do the hard work of making your dream a reality.

Our Destination Wedding Expertise

The dedicated Destination Wedding Specialists at Airline Ticket Centre have, over the last fifteen years, helped coordinate hundreds of events, ensuring the transportationa nd logistics function seamlessly. We work with you throughout the process to customize your wedding no matter how exacting your specifications. Our agents will organize the departures and arrivals of your guest list, ensuring all your friends and family arrive on time and are accommodated at the same property.

Seamless Preparation

Upon finalization of your location, package arrangements and resort wedding costs, our agents will work directly with your guests to coordinate all payments, special requestsand any additional requirements from the date of booking to the date of departure. As an added bonus, there are no hidden service fees when booking your destination wedding with Airline Ticket Centre. Our agents will work directly with your guests for payments, special requests and any changes requested between the initial booking and date of departure. An added bonus when planning your all-inclusive destination wedding with ATC is that there are no hidden fees, no agent or agency fees and no service fees.

Our Travel Connections

We work with all the major tour suppliers, enabling you and your guests to receive the best all-inclusive price and selection. We have extensive connections at all the most desirable destination wedding resorts.

From ATC Weddings to the Happy Couple

By booking your all-inclusive Destination Wedding with Airline Ticket Centre, our experienced Wedding Specialists provide the ultimate gift to the Bride and Groom – a stress free experience resulting in Peace of Mind! Please see below the countless reasons why you should book your special day with Airline Ticket Centre.

Lowest Price Guarantee

Our prices are unmatched across the industry, so you can rest assured you get the best value for your money.

Transparent Fees

The destination wedding cost you are presented with up front is the final price, no hidden fees.

Reserve Now, Pay Later

For a deposit as low as $500, ATC can reserve group flights should your guests not be ready to pay upfront.

Group Travel

Save the pain of coordination to us. From scheduling flights from different departure cities to group discounts, let us coordinate for you.

Pampered Guests

All your guests will be treated as our direct clients; their needs will be taken care of regardless of what they require.

The Best Accommodations

Our destination wedding agents can access the best resorts, in the best locations, at the best prices, for any size group.

Save up to $500

ATC Weddings is able to offer discounts of up to $500 at select resorts, inquire for details.

Excursions & Tours

We can assist in planning the perfect honeymoon by extending your stay and providing you with excursion or tour options. If you are hoping to plan an excursion or two with your wedding guests we are able to obtain group rates in advance to your departure and add to your booking.

Popular Destination Wedding Sites



Our most popular destination wedding country is Mexico, with the most frequently reserved city being Cancun. With the plethora of resorts in the famed beach city, there exists a perfect wedding destination for every budget and taste. But don’t limit your search to Cancun; the broader Riviera Maya, Oaxaca and Los Cabos also have excellent resorts for perfect weddings!



The rugged and unspoiled beauty that makes Hawaii a nature lover’s paradise, also makes it an ideal location for a destination wedding. We have locations on the Big Island, Kauai, Lanai, Molokai, Oahu and Maui which previous clients have fell in love with and raved about. Inquire for details about your dream wedding in the ultimate paradise!

Dominican Republic

Dominican Republic

With 1,600 kilometres of golden coastline and resorts studding much of that, the DR is a very popular site for destination weddings. In such locales as Punta Cana and Puerto Plata, couples may discover resorts which fit every budget with the amenities and extras your guests will love. Inquire for details about wedding packages in the Dominican Republic!

Costa Rica

Costa Rica

From white sand (and sometimes black and pink sand as well) beaches to the rain forests famed for their bio-diversity, Costa Rica is one of the more popular destinations in its own right, but doubly so for weddings. For something a little different, but with a similar theme, your Costa Rica wedding will set you apart from your contemporaries. Inquire for details!



Get there before it changes, everyone says; they might be right, at least about the not wanting it to change part. The colonial and 1950s charm that pervades Cuba gives a sense of uniqueness to the average beach vacation. And the destination wedding resorts on the island will make your event just that extra special, while delivering the best value for your money. Inquire about your destination wedding in Cuba!



Mark Twain once said, “You go to heaven if you want–I’d rather stay here in Bermuda.” Those words ring forever true on the island made famous by its pink sand and perfect climate. What could make a better destination wedding than one in a spot that ranks above even heaven?! Inquire for more details about planning your perfect day in perfect Bermuda!



Comprised of more than 700 islands sprinkled throughout 100,000 square miles of ocean, in the Bahamas there is a beach and a resort for everyone. From the pinnacle of luxury to the delights of minimalism, your destination wedding can be planned with every desire you can think of, and made a reality at any of the numerous resorts. Inquire about planning your destination wedding in the Bahamas!



From the soothing sounds of reggae, to the baby-powder beaches, to the sweet smell, Jamaica is sure to please everyone who visits, especially the happy couple and their delighted guests. In Montego Bay and Negril, resorts of all budgets and amenities are located to provide the ideal backdrop for your destination wedding. Inquire today about planning your perfect day in Jamaica!



From its time as an exotic outpost of the British Empire in the mid-17th Century, to its period as a very wealthy sugar colony, Barbados has been a mythic destination in the Caribbean. More recently, it has consistently been one of the premier vacation spots in the world. Known for its pink sand beaches, the island has numerous perfect settings for your destination wedding. Inquire for details about wedding packages in beautiful Barbados!

Popular Resorts

Moon Palace

Destination Wedding FAQ

When deciding between a destination wedding or a traditional wedding, there are things you may want to be done your way. Destination weddings are flexible for you. Not only are they the perfect way to get out and travel, but a destination wedding is the true definition of quality vs. quantity. Invite whoever you wish to your destination wedding, you do not need to worry about the mandatory feeling that you need to invite everyone you know when it just is not practical. With resort wedding packages and beautiful scenery to replace the need for multiple venues, destination weddings are about finding all-inclusive wedding destination companies that simplify planning to centre around ensuring minimal time is set aside.

What is the benefit of booking a destination wedding from a traditional wedding?

When deciding between a destination wedding or a traditional wedding, there are things you may want to be done your way. Destination weddings are flexible for you. Not only are they the perfect way to get out and travel, but a destination wedding is the true definition of quality vs. quantity. Invite whoever you wish to your destination wedding, you do not need to worry about the mandatory feeling that you need to invite everyone you know when it just is not practical. With resort wedding packages and beautiful scenery to replace the need for multiple venues, destination weddings are about finding all-inclusive wedding destination companies that simplify planning to centre around ensuring minimal time is set aside.

How do you choose which destination is perfect for your wedding?

Sometimes home seems an easier choice when confronted with all the places in the world you could be married. Create a list to start choosing locations. Eliminate destinations where you and your partner do not want to get married, estimate the range of your wedding budget and decide how many guests you plan on bringing with you. The average number of guests attending a destination wedding tends to be 28 people. With this, select you and your partner’s favourite countries and begin wedding venue research. Of course, you want to choose a place that is special to you and your loved one, or who’s scenery and culture is inspiring. While you think of this, you should also keep in mind that the destination hosts accessible routes for your family to be able to travel to, depending on wherever they will travel from. Note if the venue includes multiple accommodation options and has all the activities you would love to do. Working with a destination wedding planner will ensure that choosing a destination wedding location meets all of your needs.

Can I make my wedding legal in Canada but still get married in another country?

When deciding upon your destination wedding, you and your partner will want to choose whether your destination wedding will serve to be legal or symbolic. A symbolic ceremony is identical to a legal ceremony, the only difference being that it is not legally binding. If you would rather avoid a lot of paperwork and the stress of bringing every single piece of documentation with you and throughout your guests, then a symbolic wedding allows you and your partner to make your marriage legal before or after your destination wedding. Many couples will feel more secure about legalities within their home country. Whether you would like a symbolic or legal destination wedding, consulting with a destination wedding travel agency will make the process much simpler.

What are the legal requirements when getting married out of the country?

Each country has different legal requirements for weddings. When combining your country’s legal requirements and the country’s legal requirements of where you wish to marry, you want to make sure that you have everything you need. Most countries require a valid Canadian passport, some form of ID and a marriage license application. Contacting destination wedding specialists will assist you in working through the legalities.

Which legal documents are required to marry in Mexico?

One of the most popular places for destination weddings, the marriage process in Mexico is confusing. By Mexico’s law, only a civil marriage is acknowledged as legal. To obtain this status, the bride, the groom and their four witnesses must have passports and tourist cards, a blood test three days prior to the wedding which can be done at the hotel’s medical centre for where an additional fee is applied, and a hotel-provided legal document filled out with information requested by the RGD office. Additionally, if the bride or groom have been divorced or widowed, a single status declaration certificate must be sent by email to the wedding coordinator. For a catholic wedding, present the “Nihil Obstat” which can be given from the priest at the church where you finalize the process and requirements to get married. To legalize the wedding certificate in Canada, an extra charge is held for apostille. In a maximum of six weeks, the legal certificate will be sent by mail to your address and with it a translation of the certificate.

How far in advance should I begin planning for my destination wedding?

When planning a destination wedding, you have to think about the destination and the wedding. The wedding should be booked at the resort or hotel for at least a year in advance. If you have decided to book your wedding in a very popular destination wedding spot, you will want to look at booking 18 months prior. Booking your wedding does not include all of the separate planning you need to attend to. 9-15 months before your wedding is the best time to secure affordable travel rates. If you have the time to plan further in advance, the earlier the better. Sometimes we don’t want to plan for a year and other times we may not have all of those months available to plan. Get in touch with our Calgary destination wedding planner, no matter your timeline we will ensure you have the wedding that fits everything on your list.

Which resorts host destination weddings?

Once you’ve found your destination, now you have an abundance of resorts to pick from to host your destination wedding. Resorts that are all-inclusive and offer weddings as a package are the resorts you want to pick from. They already have coordinators, additional planners and are acutely aware of their countries legal requirements to marry. Read reviews and call the resort about their wedding team. Have a set of questions you ask each resort and compare them amongst each other, you’ll want to pick the resort that feels right for you. Find a destination wedding company and speak to a travel professional specializing in destination weddings. They have an array of knowledge to share that comes from working with the wedding teams at the resort and will know which resort will be the most flexible to your wedding.

How would I travel on the plane with my wedding dress?

Your wedding dress is one of the most important parts of the wedding! Call your airline ahead of time and find out how they handle items like a wedding dress. Even if they don’t have an onboard closet, they will let you know how to board the plane with your wedding dress. Pack your wedding dress in a garment bag and if you can, purchase priority boarding. If you have to put your wedding dress in an overhead bin, lay the dress flat on top of other passengers’ luggage. Before you fly, make sure your wedding dress fits your airline’s carry on requirements, you want it with you at all times! If you want to be extra careful with your wedding dress, purchase a one-way plane ticket just for your wedding dress!

Having questions about your destination wedding is how it should be, you deserve to be as prepared as possible. Contact our Calgary destination wedding planner for more information or to begin planning your destination wedding.

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