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Cheap Flights from Edmonton

By AirlineTicketCentre Posted March 3, 2023 In blog

Cheap Flights from Edmonton

Find The Best Cheap Flights from Edmonton

Flights from Edmonton have never been this affordable! If you’re thinking about flying for a business trip, a family vacation, or just to get away from the stress of work and other problems, booking and flying out of Edmonton might be your best option.

Edmonton International Airport (YEG) is the largest airport that serves Edmonton and the greater Edmonton area. This airport hub serves around 6 million passengers per year and offers many domestic and international flights from several airlines and couriers.

If you are thinking about flying from Edmonton, going through Edmonton International Airport is the way to go. Still, when buying tickets, Airline Ticket Centre is the only way to get the cheapest flights to some of your dream destinations!

Cheap Flights from Edmonton

Flights, in general, are not very cheap. Some international destinations can be pricey, which prevents other people and their families from travelling and going on the vacation of their dreams.

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Edmonton International Airport: What to Expect

Edmonton International Airport is not the most prominent or busiest airport in the world. Even so, it is a reliable airport that serves thousands of people and gets them to their destinations. It is a single-terminal building with all the amenities travellers seek from an international air facility.

There are many shops to browse while waiting to board your flight, and there are a multitude of dining places to grab a bite before you hop on the flight to your destination. There are also money changers and bank facilities to handle your finances. Plus, there are Wi-Fi zones so you can connect and continue doing business while in the terminal.

If you have children, YEG will keep them occupied with children’s play zones, so they won’t be bored while waiting for the flight. With all the facilities you need to prepare yourself for travel, Edmonton International Airport is one of the most reliable airports to fly into or out of.

How to Get to Edmonton International Airport

Edmonton International Airport is 30 kilometres south of Downtown Edmonton. It is easily accessible by car via Airport Road at Exit 522 on Highway 2. But if you are taking a bus, you can get on Route 747 of the Edmonton Transit System or Leduc Transit’s Route 3.

Other transportation options are airport shuttles, hotel shuttles, limo services, taxis, and rideshare apps.

How to Get the Cheapest Flights from Edmonton

If you are looking to find the cheapest flights from Edmonton, you’ve come to the right place. If you don’t know where to go, there are tons of destinations to choose from if you are departing from Edmonton International Airport.

You can choose from various destinations in Central America, Asia, Europe, North America, South America, and more. You can visit cities like Manila, Vancouver, Toronto, Los Angeles, and Amsterdam, to name a few. These are all wonderful destinations for travelers looking for an unforgettable cultural experience.

To get the cheapest flights, you should practice these tips:

  • Book your flights 3 months in advance of departure to enjoy Airline Ticket Centre’s below-average flight prices. Yes, you read that right! Our prices are below the average cost of a flight from Edmonton Airport if you book your flight 3 months in advance. Booking your flight at the last minute won’t do you any good.
  • The high season, when we advise you not to travel if you want to save money, is July and August.
  • If you are looking for the cheapest flights, the best time to fly out of Edmonton is January. So make sure you book 3 months in advance if you are flying in January, and be sure to book your airline tickets from us!
  • Morning departure is always a little more expensive than travelling at night. So, to save the most money, book evening flights or hop on the red eye and spend more at your destination.


What are the cheapest places to visit from Edmonton?

Flying from Edmonton, the cheapest place to go to is Vancouver. The average flight cost of a one-way ticket to Vancouver from Edmonton is around $150, which is relatively inexpensive compared to other travel agents. But don’t worry—just because our prices are reasonable, doesn’t mean our service is compromised. It just so happens that we like to give out deals to guarantee happy customers.

Which airlines fly from Edmonton?

The most popular airlines that fly from Edmonton are:

  • Juneyao Airlines
  • Wamos Air
  • Spirit Airlines
  • North-Western Cargo International Airlines

These airlines also fly from other popular destinations like Cancun, Calgary, Vancouver, New Delhi, and more.

What is the shortest direct flight from Edmonton?

The shortest direct flights from Edmonton are Regina, Calgary, and Saskatoon. Suppose you prefer doing a quick vacation to a different city within Canada and want to spend more time at the destination rather than spending all your time on the journey. In that case, these three cities make excellent destination options.

Other cities that you can fly direct from Edmonton are Toronto, Abbottsford, Las Vegas, Cancun, New Delhi, Amsterdam, Phoenix, Los Angeles, and Victoria. Although some of these destinations are not the closest to Edmonton, you wouldn’t have to switch planes for a connecting flight at a different HUB.

However, if you have time and want to explore more cities, maybe a direct flight isn’t for you. You can save money on connecting flights, and you get to see different airports and terminals along the way! The more places you visit, the more stories you will have to tell.

What are the farthest destinations from Edmonton on a direct flight?

If you are looking for destinations further afield, you can take a direct flight from Edmonton to Amsterdam, Frankfurt, and Kahului. These destinations are popular among people who love to travel, so make sure you don’t miss your chance to fly to these destinations on a non-stop direct flight if you are leaving Edmonton.

How does Airline Ticket Centre manage to sell cheap flights?

You’re probably wondering how we sell cheap tickets since other flight booking agents have higher prices. Well, the answer is simple. Because we are a travel search engine built with a high-end, top-notch search algorithm that can pull up the cheapest flights in a matter of seconds, we can get you the cheapest flights you can buy online.

We have been working with many couriers since we started, and because we gained their trust, they also let us sell their tickets below the average costs. We sell a lot of flights each year, so the airlines are happy with the number of customers we can connect with them. In return, they give us cheap tickets, which we then sell to you, putting all of us in a win-win-win situation!

Are you thinking about flying from Edmonton to some of the most popular destinations in Canada and the rest of the world? If you are still thinking about it, give us a call and we will reassure you that your best option is taking the next step toward the dream vacation you always wanted! You can definitely get the best deals, the best seats, and the best service from AIRLINE TICKET CENTRE!

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