Group Travel

  • Booking a group excursion can at once be the most thrilling prospect and the most stressful experience organizing the logistics. The expert sales representatives at Airline Ticket Centre will take care of all the heavy lifting for you, ensuring your group gets the best fare, is on the same flight, in the same section (if possible) or landing at the same airport within reasonable time of each other (if departing from separate cities). Let us make your group traveling experience as stress-free as possible!

Church/ School Groups

Leading a congregation to important spiritual and marks, travel with a church or group is the experience of a lifetime! With more than fifteen years' experience coordinating the travel for church and school groups, you can feel confident our representatives will ensure the best rate and most hassle free travel experience.

Corporate Groups

Coordinating the departure and arrival of a team of employees, perhaps from different departure points, to a conference or even corporate retreat, is a headache no executive needs. Let our corporate group travel representatives ensure your company arrives on time and refreshed to seal the deal or build that necessary team spirit!

Sports team

Whether your team is large or small, let us take care of all the aspects of your travel. We will determine the baggage requirements of your team and then negotiate with various airlines to find you the best rate. Arrive on time and hassle free for your best performance!

Destination Weddings

You want your wedding to be the envy of everyone; don't let the tension of organizing dozens of attendees burden you as the Big day approaches. Our destination wedding representatives have decades' worth of experience coordinating the logistics for large events; let us hand your partner focus on creating eternal memories.

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