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Airplane Air is Shown to Be Safer than Home or Hospital Air

October 30, 2020

The COVID-19 pandemic has affected everybody, across all sectors of society in ways no one could have predicted possible in January. Perhaps no industry has been as heavily affected as the airline and tourism industries, as the knowledge of possible aerosolization of the virus has understandably caused hesitation from passengers about boarding enclosed planes. The assumption has been that the air in planes could not possibly be clean at the best of times, and will just circulate the virus in today’s circumstance. Modern, Advanced Air Filtration However, recent studies have come out that have completely debunked popular theories about cabin […]

Update: How Canadian Airlines are Dealing with Coronavirus

March 13, 2020

Airline Ticket Centre released a blog two weeks ago detailing the preliminary steps the travel industry has been taking in response to coronavirus. As the situation regarding the spread of the disease is both intensifying and quickly changing, it is imperative that our customers receive the correct information with regards to airline policy and governmental action. WestJet Policy As of March 13, both major Canadian domestic airlines– WestJet and Air Canada– have instituted policies whereby they will allow passengers to change select flights for no fee. WestJet has announced they are removing fees for changes on flights booked for travel […]

How Will the Coronavirus Affect Travel Plans?

February 29, 2020

By now everyone has heard of the outbreak and spread of the coronavirus from China to other parts of Asia, with currently case clusters being documented in Europe. While the virus itself is concerning on a human level, in the modern globalized world of mass travel, whether for business or leisure, one has to take note of the potential disruptions these health fears will have on travel and tourism. Flights Cancelled Around the world, flights have been cancelled to and from China, initially, with these plans extending to South Korea and Iran in late February. In Northern Italy, various public […]

The Favourite Winter Getaways for Canadians

November 25, 2019

It’s that time of the year where we’ve seen enough snow to last a lifetime… we all need some sunshine! The daily iced coffees and bubble teas just aren’t cutting it anymore and we’re sure that going over the favourite winter getaways for Canadians will reinspire you to hit the beach for an all-inclusive vacation this winter! The destinations below represent the favourite winter spots for Canadians, and the accompanying resorts the favourite all-inclusive vacations of our customers within those destinations. Which one will be your getaway this winter? Cancun, Mexico  Cancun is the original Caribbean mega resort,and with its […]

7 Tips for Planning a Destination Wedding

October 17, 2019

Planning any wedding is one of the most stressful times in anyone’s life. It’s supposed to be the happy union of two people in love, yet every little detail needs attention so your vision of your perfect day comes off just right. You want the flowers just so, the food has to somehow cater to everyone’s taste, the ceremonyand reception has to be choreographed, you need someone to officiate the ceremony (preferably someone with whom you’re comfortable) and you want it to be on a day when the weather is most likely to be pleasant. And that’s when you want […]

Why You Should Book a Destination Wedding Versus Traditional

September 9, 2019

  Your wedding is a monumental piece of time that you’ll take with you wherever you go. Tying the knot will always date back to our ancestors and is a tradition that time will never take away. When planning your wedding, you want to ensure you’ve picked the perfect place – mouthwatering food, beautiful accommodations and honeymoon weather. Perhaps choosing a destination wedding over a traditional wedding is one you haven’t thought a lot about yet, or maybe it’s always been your dream to say “I do” on top of white sand beaches alongside turquoise waters. Regardless, with our Calgary […]

Cheap and Short Getaways from Calgary

August 26, 2019

Vacations do not always have to be the two-week-long excursions we tend to take during the holidays. Sometimes all we need is a few days reprieve from the hectic week at work to unwind and enjoy life a little bit more. A short getaway may be possible, but what about the cost of a hotel and the flight tickets? Finding cheap destinations is also doable. Using our ATC flight search, we have found some deals that we know you’ll love.  San Diego  “America’s Finest City” offers beaches, villages and world-famous attractions. September and March serve as the best months to […]

Top Destination Wedding Locations

August 7, 2019

Signifying a new beginning, weddings are the perfect opportunity to travel elsewhere with your partner and friends and family to explore the beauty of the world. With so many destinations and possibilities, it can seem as if the preparation is just a bit too much work. Wedding planning is never easy, but with our Calgary destination wedding service, choosing your destination should be.   Mexico  The most popular destination wedding country is Mexico, with the most frequently chosen city being Cancun. The white sand beaches and clear crystal waters of Cancun are a famed destination for anyone, especially for the picture-perfect […]

Top Ten Tips for Finding the Cheapest Canadian Flight Bookings 

July 18, 2019

Planning a trip doesn’t have to be rigorous. In fact, booking a flight should be part of the fun that the trip includes. However, technology seems to be outsmarting us more and more these days and we find ourselves paying for flights that we could have saved more of our tourist money on.  Everyone deserves more affordable adventures and having some helpful tips to ensure you’re booking your flight for the least amount is guaranteed to give you a few more piña coladas.  Clear Your Cookies Many sites will testify that searching for plane tickets in a private browsing mode […]