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All-Inclusive Resort Travel Tips

By AirlineTicketCentre Posted December 4, 2018 In blog

The all-inclusive resorts destination has become an extremely popular choice among travelers to warmer destinations for the obvious reason that all your main costs are upfront. If you choose, you can sit on the beach, swim and party without spending any more money than the single, initial cost. In order to keep your ancillary costs as low as possible, we have created the following tips for all-inclusive vacations:

1. Tips are generally not included.

Unless it’s specified in the travel packages, assume that your service is expecting the North American customs towards tipping. Search online what an appropriate amount is in each country, but a good rule of thumb would be a couple or few American dollars per bill.

2. Find out what currency the resort accepts

In all likelihood, you’ll never go wrong with American greenbacks at your all-inclusive resort. Conversely, it’s not as certain that Canadian currency will be accepted. Make sure ahead of time which currency is de rigueur, and bring an appropriate amount of cash with you.

3. Take a picture of your wifi password

Don’t assume the wifi signal will be Swiss-clock reliable. In all likelihood it will drop out multiple times while you’re at the pool or on the beach of your cheap all-inclusive. Instead of shuttling back and forth to your room, have the photo on your phone so you can easily reload your connectivity.

4. Pack appropriate attire for the dining establishments

Don’t assume that because you’re at a beach or all-inclusive resort, board shorts and flip flops are acceptable. Check the dress code ahead of time, and show off your best “resort chic” looks.

5. Be prepared for the weather/ pack your own sunscreen and bug spray

Do a little research into the historic climate conditions where you’re booked. Most places will have rainy seasons and dry seasons; don’t be the person shivering in the rain in your linen sundress.
Coupled with this, bring your own sunscreen and bug spray. Vendors for these must-haves are in a position of power at the resort if you forget to bring your own, thus the prices are higher than you’d expect.

Everybody loves the all-inclusive experience-sand, sun, warm weather and water, and mostly set prices. For those searching for travel deals, the above tips can take away any frustration encountered on your winter escape. Click through to our website to discover the best prices on all-inclusive vacation packages to Mexico and the Caribbean.