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Why You Should Book a Destination Wedding Versus Traditional

By AirlineTicketCentre Posted September 9, 2019 In blog


Your wedding is a monumental piece of time that you’ll take with you wherever you go. Tying the knot will always date back to our ancestors and is a tradition that time will never take away. When planning your wedding, you want to ensure you’ve picked the perfect place – mouthwatering food, beautiful accommodations and honeymoon weather. Perhaps choosing a destination wedding over a traditional wedding is one you haven’t thought a lot about yet, or maybe it’s always been your dream to say “I do” on top of white sand beaches alongside turquoise waters. Regardless, with our Calgary destination wedding planners, you’ll fall in love all over again with a destination wedding. 


Planning a family get together can be a hassle due to conflicting time interests. Choosing when to plan an event can be even more difficult because of the changing seasons and varied weather forecast of Calgary. Combine these, and that makes for a little bit of a headache when choosing the time of your wedding. You should have your wedding made as easy as possible for you. With a destination wedding, you’ll have the luxury of choosing that special day without having to worry about winter weather or rain that seems to occur every day. With weather that is warm and moderate elsewhere, there is plenty of wiggle room any time of the year to ensure all family is present, compared to the seasonal window of traditional weddings. 


Your wedding is the perfect opportunity to spice things up a bit. You live indoors, work inside a building and most likely have 90% of formal events indoors. A destination wedding provides many outdoor, exotic locations with weather that will be so gorgeous you’ll feel as if you are already inside. A destination wedding means that you do you! You can choose any setting that reflects you and your significant other’s values. You will not have to worry about doing everything by the book because a destination wedding is your book. 

Duration & Honeymoon

Why not turn your wedding into a vacation and your honeymoon? It’s your day, you deserve the extra time bathing in the sun. Traditional weddings are one-day celebrations, it almost doesn’t seem fair to go through all that work and not have a week-long celebration. It’s all up to you. With a destination wedding, you can extend the fun and memories as far as you desire. 

Traditionally, additional planning and savings are required for your honeymoon. Your honeymoon begins right after your ceremony with destination weddings – extending your travels to spend alone time with your partner. Combining your money for both a ceremony and a honeymoon is costand time-efficient. Plus, who wouldn’t want to take advantage of amazing views for these occasions! 

Guest List

Traditional weddings carry with them the guest list of extended family to acquaintances and business associates. This high number of guests does not provide the close, intimate feeling many would desire from their wedding. Planning who sits where at the dinner table is stressful – destination weddings are a guilt-free way of inviting a small group of guests. With close family and friends lining the aisle, your wedding is worth the travel. 


Destination weddings have always been known to be simpler and faster from traditional weddings. Resorts and cruise lines make it easier than ever to wed on-site. Destination wedding planners ensure that full-time wedding coordinators are staffed and are familiar with the select country’s marriage license requirements. Wedding packages are available that take care of ceremony essentials such as that of a photographer, cake and an officiant. Even with a traditional wedding planner, a lot of time is invested into choosing venues, looking at wedding decorand staying within your budget. To plan your destination 

wedding, all you need to do is find a destination wedding company and relax. 


A traditional 100 person wedding in Canada costs $25,000, while a 100 person destination wedding is less than $17,000, depending on exchange rates. However, with more flexibility and a smaller guest list, destination weddings commonly range from $6,000 – $10,000. Your guests will pay for their trip, and with the beautiful surrounding scenery replacing expensive venues, you can find yourself saving up to 40% with a destination wedding. 

Remember that planning for your destination wedding is different from the usual dry atmosphere of Calgary. Pick a climate-friendly gown and consider hiring a local destination wedding planner to avoid any of the stress that may be mixed with flying to another location. Enjoy your wedding day and don’t forget to have a piece of cake for us!